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Useful Links

If you think you have some good links to share that others might find helpful, please pass them along for consideration. These are presented in no particular order and I do not endorse all of the products or contents (for example, for YouTube, some channels show better techniques than others or overlap, but all of these channels have something of value to offer).

YouTube Channels

Excellent landscape photographer and creator of Raya Pro, for working with exposure blending.

Tutorials that are ostensibly for Photoshop, but it has branched into many other areas

Tutorials for Corel Painter

Tutorials on digital painting and tools, includes using Corel Painter

A wide variety of tutorials on photography

Just take a look...

Excellent landscape photographer

Need small working props for your special projects? This channel will inspire you.

Looking to move beyond the so-called "rule" of thirds for your compositions? Look no further

Photography techniques and reviews with a great deal of knowledge and real-life experience to back them up

Excellent landscape photographer, with demonstrations of various techniques and other types of photography

Demonstrations of interesting Photoshop effects, some esoteric, others quite practical, but a great variety

Photography techniques and reviews

Fantasy Photoshop compositing and blending techniques

Very diverse mix of photography lectures, demonstrations, and reviews

Astrophotography tutorials and equipment reviews, but he does branch into other areas

Astrophotography tutorials

Make sure you have your headphones on...

If you have a good DSLR or mirrorless camera with video capability, you might find this helpful

Blender 3D modeling and animation tutorials

Blender 3D modeling and animation tutorials

Blender 3D modeling and animation tutorials

Very humorous approach to demonstrating a crazy variety of artistic crafting

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