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My Artistic Journey

As the child of a fine artist, I used physical media such as oil, acrylics, watercolor, pencil, pen, pastels, and clay to express what my mind's eye envisoned.

I expanded into photography with a very old Kodak 1A bellows camera from around 1930. Its folding mechanism intrigued me, and after I discovered that film could still be obtained for it, I experimented with long-exposure black-and-white night photography. I later progressed to a 35mm SLR camera and a good lens, overcoming many of the technical limitations of the old camera.

I learned how to develop negatives and make prints in a conventional darkroom, and years later moved on to 3D animation and digital image creation, leaving photography and physical media behind for a time.

Yearning to revisit photography as a digital art form, I acquired an excellent DSLR camera, and by augmenting it with a wide array of digital tools such as Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop, I am now able to produce fine art photographs and imagery with finer control and a greater range of expression, infused with the familiar techniques of physical media.

Photo by D. Hottleman

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