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Imagery Design/Realization      Specialized Photography


My primary focus is producing unique fine art and photographic imagery, but I also offer the services listed below, complemented by my experience in the following areas:

  • Dynamic portrait, wedding, commissioned series, architectural, documentary/event photography

  • 3D animation, complex technical diagramming and multimedia presentation development

  • Blu-ray disk authoring, kiosk presentations/loops, image file conversion and optimization

  • Software and process engineering, user interface and information architecture design

For business image/branding photography, I highly recommend Stephanie Rosseel Photography.

Imagery Design and Realization

My primary goal in creating a catalog of fine art photography is to fulfill your art, interior design, display, or decorating needs. If you have a specific requirement that the catalog does not satisfy, I can collaborate with you to imagine, design, plan, stage, photograph, edit, and composite new and unique photographic or fine art images for a variety of physical and digital media such as single and multi-panel wall art, posters, murals, interactive or static kiosks, projection systems, and themed photobooks.

  • Collaborative design, planning, staging, editing, and compositing

  • Specialized photography for production of unique imagery

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