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Specialized Photography      Imagery Design/Realization      Workshops and Mentoring


In addition to offering fine art photography and imagery prints for purchasing or licensing, I offer the two main categories of services listed below, complemented by my experience in the following areas:

  • Dynamic portrait, wedding, commissioned series, architectural, journalistic/event photography

  • 3D animation, complex technical diagramming and multimedia presentation development

  • Blu-ray disk authoring, kiosk presentations/loops, image file conversion and optimization

  • Software and process engineering, user interface and information architecture design

My primary focus now is on producing unique fine art imagery and sharing my expertise; for architectural, real estate, business, family/child portrait, or high school senior photography, I highly recommend Stephanie Rosseel Photography.

Imagery Design and Realization

My primary goal in creating a catalog of fine art photography is to fulfill your art, interior design, display, or decorating needs. If you have a specific requirement that the catalog does not satisfy, I can collaborate with you to imagine, design, plan, stage, photograph, edit, and composite new and unique photographic or fine art images for a variety of physical and digital media such as single and multi-panel wall art, posters, murals, interactive or static kiosks, projection systems, and themed photobooks.

  • Collaborative design, planning, staging, editing, and compositing

  • Specialized photography for production of unique imagery

Workshops and Mentoring/Consulting

Artistic Photography

Develop or evolve your artistic sensibilities through participation in hands-on experiences with photography.


Take the ordinary and make it extraordinary using tips, techniques, and innovative approaches that will help you see what is, imagine how it could be, and learn how to bridge that gap.

Special Topics

Specific technical mentoring for photography and imagery is available through workshops or ad hoc consulting.

  • Workshops For novice, intermediate, and advanced levels

  • Photography and imagery technical consulting

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